Henri de Castries

Chairman's message

Interview with Henri de Castries

We are happy with our performance, but we mustn't rest on our laurels. We must look upon the present as a platform from which we can continue to progress and transform our business.

2014 was a good year for AXA. A year in which we not only continued our efforts, but also accelerated our transformation.

Continued our efforts, because it was the penultimate year of our "Ambition AXA" plan, and our results show that we are on track with our targets in terms of operational efficiency and business selectivity. Accelerated our transformation, because we expanded our geographic footprint to new markets, which will provide us with a source of growth and profitability in the future, and because we pushed on further and faster with our "digital transformation," not just in response to the challenge it presents, but also to seize the opportunities it can offer, if we respond effectively.

AXA recently made an investment in Nigeria. What do you expect to gain from this? Also, what are your ambitions and your vision for this continent, and for the emerging African market?

Of the large continents, Africa is the only one whose population will grow by over 300 million people over the next twenty years, with the emergence of a sizeable middle class. And AXA has been operating in Africa for a long time. We have a long-established presence in North Africa and we also do business in a few French-speaking sub-Saharan countries. If we look at how the economic map is changing, we can see that it's very important to be in the major emerging economies. In the big markets.

So we have acquired a controlling interest in Nigeria's fourth largest insurance company. We believe that, despite the fall in oil prices and despite the political instability in the north of the country, Nigeria, with its population of 180 million, will be one of the major driving forces of the African economy in the next twenty to thirty years.

We can see how important the emerging countries have become for AXA, but at the same time your core interests still lie in Europe, which accounts for 60% of your business, and the United States — the large, mature countries.

Yes, absolutely. These markets are our traditional heartlands and we have very successful businesses there. We are happy with what we already have, but we need to identify new sources of growth in these mature markets. Demand is growing in our business areas, especially in health and protection. But even in property & casualty insurance and savings, demand is on the increase because many people have not made sufficient provision for their retirement, and because social security systems are no longer fulfilling their role — or are not fulfilling it as well.

All of that means that we have to be capable of identifying more pockets of growth in the mature countries. That could either be new products or new delivery channels, but it is something we have to focus on.

There could be some totally new products out there waiting to be invented — and this is indeed a concrete situation — which would genuinely open up an extraordinary market for you, if you are capable of discovering those products and devising new ways to deliver them.

Absolutely, and that's why we should always congratulate ourselves on the successes we notch up day to day. At AXA, we are happy with how we are doing at the present, but we mustn't rest on our laurels. We must look upon the present simply as a platform from which we can continue to progress and transform our business.

The digital revolution is disrupting and transforming business in general. How is this a strategic issue for AXA today?

It's a strategic issue on two fronts: first, big data, as it's known, will completely transform all the upstream parts of our business, in other words, risk selection, customer knowledge, and pricing. And second, what we now simply tend to call digital — in other words, how we reach our customers — will completely change our downstream delivery channels.

Doesn't this digital transformation also present a huge opportunity to continue gaining market share by providing new ways of interacting with customers and creating transparency in all those areas you've mentioned...

... a great opportunity to gain a competitive edge over those who may not have your vision? Or perhaps your agility?

Yes, of course it is! We have a great opportunity, because in fact we have three key competitive advantages: the first is our wealth of talent. Over the years, we have patiently built up teams in the Group that are recognized as being highly skilled. So we have the talent. We still need to attract new talent, especially in these new technologies, but AXA is an attractive prospect for a young person with talent and ambition.

Our second huge competitive advantage is that we have more than a century of experience under our belt. So even if the barriers to entry come down, reflexes are not something that can be learned overnight. We know our business inside out.

Our third advantage is that we are the leading global brand. And in a world where things just keep getting closer and moving faster, our powerful brand plays a fundamental role.

So we have talent, experience and a global brand, every reason therefore to see this transformation as a positive thing, if you know how to ride that horse. And there's the nub of the matter. A lot of people are afraid of this particular horse, because it's all a bit new. But, in fact, what you need to do is jump on and ride with it.

Ambition AXA's strategic goal
by 2015

Become the preferred company in our industry

Download the strategy page in pdf

2 pillars

  • Customer focus

  • Culture of trust and achievement

3 priorities

  • Selectivity

    Allocate our resources in mature countries to drive the Group's growth and strengthen strategic segments.

  • Acceleration

    Gain agility to expand in fast-growing markets and buoyant segments and make strong progress in direct business

  • Efficiency

    Control costs to achieve €1.9 billion of cost savings by 2015 and make the Group's size a competitive advantage.

4 key financial targets

  • 5-10% annual growth in underlying earnings per share (in euros per share)

  • 24 billion of cumulative operating free cash flow over five years (in billions of euros)

  • 13-15% return on equity in 2015 (adjusted ROE)

  • 23-25% debt ratio in 2015

key figures

achieve profitable growth

Download these results1 Mb

interbrand ranking

No. 1

global insurance brand for the 6th consecutive year

worldwide presence

59 countries

number of customers



number of employees

161 000

geographic breakdown of business

underlying earnings from insurance activities

Northern, Central and Eastern Europe 29.93%
France 22.32%
United States 13.69%
Mediterranean and Latin American region 8.5%
Asia (excluding Japan) 8.31%
Japan 6.54%
United Kingdom and Ireland 4.72%
International insurance 3.75%
Direct business 2.23%
  • Northern, Central and Eastern Europe
  • France
  • United States
  • Mediterranean and Latin American region
  • Asia (excluding Japan)
  • Japan
  • United Kingdom and Ireland
  • International insurance
  • Direct business

breakdown by business line

underlying earnings before tax, excluding holding companies

property & casualty and international insurance 41%
savings and asset management (including general account business, unit-linked business and banking) 33%
protection and health 26%
  • property & casualty and international insurance
  • savings and asset management (including general account business, unit-linked business and banking)
  • protection and health

stock price


Bloomberg, Mar. 10, 2015

  • AXA
  • CAC 40

In a very up-and-down market, AXA shares underperformed the CAC 40 in the first half of 2015 due to fears of the potentially adverse impact of lower interest rates of the Group, but bounced back to outperform in the second half following the publication of robust, better-than-expected interim results, which were well received.

Despite the catch-up, AXA shares lost 5% over the year as a whole, compared with -0.5% for the CAC 40. The overall yield on AXA shares (dividend reinvested) was -0.7% in 2014, compared with 2.6% for the CAC 40.

In early 2015, the market reacted well to the publication of strong annual results and the announcement of a 17% increase in the recommended dividend, pushing the share price above €22, a 17% since the beginning of the year.

chairman's interview



in billions of euros

2013 91.2
2014 92.0
Progression +3%

Revenues were up 3% on a comparable basis, driven by growth in all business lines. Life and Savings delivered 3% growth, Property & Casualty 1% and Asset Management 4%.

underlying earnings


in millions of euros

2013 4728
2014 5060
Progression +8%

Underlying earnings increased by 8% on a comparable basis, exceeding €5 billion for the first time in the Group's history. Growth was driven by all business lines and in particular by an improved underwriting margin in Life and Savings and volume growth in Asset Management. In Property & Casualty, an increase in investment income and a decrease in the claims ratio and costs more than offset the impact of natural disasters.

adjusted earnings


in millions of euros

2013 5162
2014 5503
Progression +7%

Underlying earnings increased by 7% on a comparable basis, mainly due to growth in underlying earnings.

net income


in millions of euros

2013 4482
2014 5024
Progression +12%

Net income increased by 12% on a comparable basis, thanks mainly to a good operating performance and the positive impact of lower interest rates on the value of our assets.

in billions of euros

2013 52.9
2014 65.2

Equity increased by €12.3 billion, mainly due to growth in unrealized gains on bonds in a low interest rate environment. The Group's solvency remains very strong at 201%, attesting to AXA's robustness. Furthermore, the debt ratio remained stable at 24% at December 31, 2014, which is within our target of 23% to 25% by 2015.



euro per share

We are on track to achieve our Ambition AXA strategic goals. We delivered further growth in all our business lines and we have a robust balance sheet. The Board of Directors is therefore recommending a dividend of €0.95 per share, an increase of 17% on 2013. This represents a payout of 45% of our adjusted earnings, net of interest on perpetual debt.

life, savings and health

Life, Savings and Health provides a broad spectrum of solutions to meet the financial protection needs of our customers, both for themselves and their loved ones.

Download these results203 kb

a balanced business mix

APE by business line

protection and health 36.98%
unit-linked 35.47%
general account 15.42%
mutual funds and other 12.13%
  • protection and health
  • unit-linked
  • general account
  • mutual funds and other

protection and health benefits paid


billion euros

margin on new


operations in

30 countries

new business in 2014


billion euros

investment value

increase in the value of our customers’ life Insurance invested assets
(in billions of euros)


strong growth in underlying earnings for life, savings and health


in millions of euros

2013 2793
2014 3132
Progression +14%

Trends in our business mix led to an improved margin on new business, which increased by 1 percentage point to 34%. Our contribution to the Group's underlying earnings increased by 14% to €3.1 billion. A breakdown of this contribution by business line confirms the key role played by our priority segments: protection and health (52%) and unit-linked business (26%), well ahead of general account business (20%).

property & casualty

We enjoy leading positions, either built up over time in key markets such as France and western Europe or gained more recently in countries such as Mexico, Turkey and Singapore.

Download these results290 kb

diversified distribution channels

2014 revenues by channel

brokers 46.66%
agents 37.7%
direct 11%
partnerships 4.64%
  • brokers
  • agents
  • direct
  • partnerships

a balanced business mix

revenues by business type

retail 53%
commercial 37%
international insurance 10%
  • retail
  • commercial
  • international insurance

international insurer in Asia (excluding Japan and South Korea)

No. 1


4 million

customers helped by AXA Assistance following a vehicle breakdown

compensation paid in 2014


billion euros

net new business

+500 000

in-force contracts at end-2014 vs
end-2013 in retail insurance

asset management

AXA has two asset management companies, AXA Investment Managers and AB. In 2014, net inflows totaled €22 billion.

Download241 kb

breakdown of assets under management

AXA Investment Managers 60%
AB 40%
  • AXA Investment Managers
  • AB

underlying earnings


Growth of 12%, excluding the impact of the divestment of AXA Private Equity (in millions of euros)

2013 400
2014 403
Progression +0%

Underlying earnings rose by 12% excluding the divestment of AXA Private Equity. AXA Investment Managers contributed 52% to underlying earnings and AB 48%. Growth was driven by revenue growth coupled with good cost control.

net inflows


billion euros

assets under management in 2014

AXA Investment Managers + AB (in billions of euros)

1 036



to €3.3 billion

AXA Investment Managers and AB both delivered 4% growth in revenues. Net inflows were up sharply, marking AB's return to positive territory in this respect.

corporate responsibility

As part of our commitment to better protection for the long-term, we have decided to embed corporate responsibility in our overall strategy. As a committed organization, AXA takes action to make sure that its services and projects create value for our customers, our employees, our shareholders, our partners, our suppliers and society as a whole.

Download these results582 kb

breakdown of CO2 emissions

energy consumption 57%
business travel 21%
AXA vehicle fleet 15%
paper 7%
  • energy consumption
  • business travel
  • AXA vehicle fleet
  • paper

AXA's CO2 emissions per FTE caused by energy consumption, paper and business travel (plane, train, car) fell by 3% year-on-year in 2014.

corporate responsibility

77 000

employees participated

Our corporate responsibility practice has become a major factor in employee engagement. Their response to our "corporate responsibility week" is more enthusiastic each year. In 2014, 77,000 employees gave up 132,000 hours of their time to help more than 1,000 projects in 56 countries.

This enthusiasm is borne out by progress in the CR dimension of our Scope satisfaction survey. It reflects our substantial efforts to promote diversity, equal opportunity, a culture of trust and achievement and the professional and personal fulfillment of every employee.

AXA Research


projects supported by the AXA Research Fund since 2007

The AXA Research Fund, an international scientific philanthropy initiative, was set up in 2007 to support and share knowledge about environmental, socio-economic and human risks.
In 2014, the AXA Research Fund provided €15 million of financial support to 44 new projects, bringing its total investment to €131 million in almost 450 projects since 2007.

Dow Jones Sustainability Indices


The DJSI World and DJSI Europe are benchmarks for SRI fund managers and include the best-in-class companies in terms of corporate responsibility. AXA achieved an overall score of 77/100, which is 30 points above the insurance sector average.

AXA-CARE partnership

926 000

beneficiaries worldwide

investments in green assets

green bonds, private equity, impact fund, infrastructure
(in millions of euros)


corporate responsibility barometer


group CR maturity level

  • strategic stage
  • Goal
  • 2010
  • 2011
  • 2012
  • 2013
  • 2014
  • 2015

group performance by stakeholder

  • 2014 group weighted average
  • entities' performance range (lowest to highest)

defensive stage

deny practices, outcomes or responsibilities

compliance stage

adopt a policy-based compliance approach as a cost of doing business

managerial stage

embed the societal issue in core management processes

strategic stage

integrate the societal issue into core business strategies

civic stage

promote broad industry participation in corporate responsibility

Inspired by the assessment systems used by the specialized extra-financial rating agencies, AXA has developed its own model for measuring corporate responsibility maturity and publishes its performance.

Committed to better protection

We are committed on a daily basis to preventing risks, to support and accompany our customers over the long-term, protecting the lives of millions of people to build a stronger, safer society.

Read about our latest initiatives.

  • For our customers

    Planning and managing
    your daily journeys

    See topic : Planning and managing
    your daily journeys

    Planning and managing your daily journeys

    AXA has launched an innovative free mobile app called AXA Drive to help you plan and manage your car journeys. Use it to plan your journey, find the best route, save your favorite journeys and get live traffic information and alerts on congestion, roadworks, incidents and accidents, and weather conditions. If you have an accident, AXA Drive will tell you how to contact the emergency services and AXA Assistance. Now available in 12 countries, the app has already been downloaded more than 640,000 times.

  • For our customers

    Protecting against cancer

    See topic : Protecting against cancer

    Protecting against cancer

    In Malaysia, AXA is offering a new cancer protection plan, which can be taken out in five simple steps on a dedicated website. The offer is being promoted by a campaign conducted jointly with the National Cancer Society Malaysia. Awareness-raising messages have been sent out by an active community of more than 150 bloggers.

  • For our customers

    A digital travel platform

    See topic : A digital travel platform

    A digital travel platform

    AXA Assistance has launched MyTravelSpace, a multi-device digital platform that gives customers practical advice and information before, during and after their trips. Vaccinations, healthcare providers, safety advice, administrative requirements – you can get all this information at any time, no matter where you are. You can also look up and amend your insurance cover and make a claim if necessary.

  • For our customers

    All of AXA's services
    in your pocket

    See topic : All of AXA's services
    in your pocket

    All of AXA's services in your pocket

    The Mon AXA mobile app is designed to simplify the lives of AXA France customers.

    No matter where you are or what the time of day, you can quickly call emergency numbers, contact your AXA branch or check your AXA Banque accounts. The app can also be used to download your insurance certificates and other useful papers should you need them.

    You can also benefit from preferential rates negotiated with AXA partners. In just one click, the app will use your location to find the nearest healthcare practitioner (e.g. optician, dentist, etc.) or auto partner, display their address and telephone number and tell you how to get there, and present the price reductions on offer.

    Many other useful services are available to make your life simpler, such as payment receipts, tracking insurance refunds, making a claim, etc. If you have a car accident, you can use the app to fill in an accident report on your smartphone, which speeds up processing of your claim.

  • For our customers

    Supporting innovation
    and startups

    See topic : Supporting innovation
    and startups

    Supporting innovation and startups

    AXA Seed Factory, a French seed capital fund launched by AXA in June 2013, has already seeded five French startups that aim to bring the latest digital technology to their respective areas of expertise: Particeep (investment strategy), Widmee (customer acquisition), Flyr International (travel insurance), Fundshop (portfolio management) and ClimateSecure (climate change).

    AXA Seed Factory is now part of AXA Strategic Ventures, a new €200 million international venture capital fund dedicated to investing AXA Group money in innovative startups in the insurance, asset management, financial technology and healthcare industries.

    Locations in San Francisco, New York, London, Paris, Zurich and, soon, Asia, will give the fund global reach over strategic investment opportunities in key fields such as big data, microinsurance and healthcare, with the aim not only of improving the customer experience but also anticipating customer needs.

    For more information about AXA Strategic Ventures: www.axastrategicventures.com

    AXA Strategic Ventures' portfolio to date:

  • For our customers

    Rewarding careful drivers

    See topic : Rewarding careful drivers

    Rewarding careful drivers

    AXA Winterthur in Switzerland is encouraging young drivers aged 18 to 25 to drive more carefully with the Drive Recorder, a device they can install in the car themselves. Drive Recorder measures a range of driving behaviors, such as speed, acceleration, braking and cornering, and then produces a driver profile.

    Upon installation of the device, customers are entitled to an immediate 20% discount on their insurance premium, which is adjusted later based on driving results. Careful drivers can save up to 25% on their premiums. Users can look up their driving record online at any time.

    The Drive Recorder also has an inbuilt crash recorder to determine the cause of an accident, which can also be used to locate the vehicle in case of theft.

  • For our customers

    New-generation banking

    See topic : New-generation banking

    New-generation banking

    SOON is a mobile-only banking service that can be used to look up previous spending, and budget for the future. It also offers a checking account and a free Visa Classic card, with no income conditions.

    SOON advisers are available 24/6 (not including holidays) to answer your questions directly by chat.

    To open an account, you just download the app. Subscribing to the service is quick and easy, and you do it all on your mobile phone.

    You can use the app to plan and manage your Reste à Dépenser® (money remaining to spend), automatically classify your expenses, create projects and prepare budgets (e.g. for food, entertainment, clothing, etc.). If you go over your budget, you'll receive an alert. The focus is firmly on the practical and connected aspect. SOON also includes PayPal, so there is no need for banking details when transferring money to another person. Another advantage is that SOON can connect to hundreds of online services and download all your invoices to the app.

  • For our customers

    Managing you and
    your family's health

    See topic : Managing you and
    your family's health

    Managing you and your family's health

    It's easy to stay in top form with our free mobile app AXA Santé. Just create a profile for yourself and for each member of your family and the app will provide you with personalized prevention advice, essential information on medicines prescribed by your doctor, as well as vaccination and checkup reminders. It can use your location to find the nearest on-call practitioners and pharmacies and allows you to schedule all your medical appointments. You can look up all emergency numbers and obtain first aid advice.

  • For our customers

    Analyzing legal risks

    See topic : Analyzing legal risks

    Analyzing legal risks

    AXA Protection Juridique has launched checkRISK, the first free mobile app to help you manage the legal risks inherent in all areas of daily life, such as employment, housing, health, Internet, etc.

    Simply create your user profile and personal space, answer eight questions and you will receive a personalized legal analysis identifying situations that could involve you in a dispute, together with a checklist of the actions to take. This innovative new app also provides access to legal coaching videos and standard letters you can use for a variety of situations, such as online purchasing, moving house, selling a vehicle, using social networks and changing jobs. checkRISK can also be used to contact a legal adviser directly.

  • For our partners

    The beating heart of
    our corporate culture

    See topic : The beating heart of
    our corporate culture

    The beating heart of our corporate culture

    AXA Hearts in Action is the AXA Group's international volunteering program that reaches out to people suffering from exclusion due to illness or disability. For several years now, AXA employees have also been giving their time to environmental and risk education programs.

    AXA Hearts in Action is the beating heart of our social commitment and gives everyone a chance – either on a one-off or an ongoing basis – to take part in actions that illustrate the desire to help the neediest and advance social causes. By getting involved in actions that benefit society and building strong links between community organizations and the business world, our volunteers build daily on the Group's commitment to corporate social responsibility.

    AXA employees throughout the world reach out to disadvantaged communities through AXA Hearts in Action. In 2014, more than 40,000 AXA Hearts in Action volunteers in France and abroad offered their skills, their time and their generosity to help people in need. As a whole, AXA provided a total of more than 104,000 hours of work in 2014.


  • For our partners

    Seeking talented people
    from Africa

    See topic : Seeking talented people
    from Africa

    Seeking talented people from Africa

    From November 7 to 9, 2014, employers and candidates came together at the Careers in Africa recruitment forum in New York. This initiative put 500 highly talented African people into contact with seven large corporations, including AXA.

    Currently the leading property & casualty insurer in Senegal, number three in Morocco, number four in Cameroon, number five in Gabon and Côte d'Ivoire, and a recent entrant in Nigeria, AXA recognizes Africa's strong potential contribution to the world economy over the next few decades and wishes to strengthen its commitments there. We are therefore seeking to hire high-potential employees from these countries to contribute to our policy of helping communities to make the right insurance choices, better understand the risks and protect themselves properly.

  • For our partners

    A week of mobilization
    around the globe

    See topic : A week of mobilization
    around the globe

    A week of mobilization around the globe

    Since its launch in 2011, CR Week (or Corporate Responsibility Week) has become an annual event involving everyone in the Group, from the most junior to the most senior, in a wide range of CR activities. For the fourth edition, subsidiaries in the countries where we operate were invited to organize events that they felt best illustrate AXA's fundamental mission of protecting everyone.

    Two figures stand out and demonstrate just how successful this approach has been. More than 132,000 hours were volunteered, and one employee in every two took part in the initiative. The aim in 2014 was to organize risk prevention and education activities among employees and the general public. Events included diabetes-prevention caravans in Greece, distribution of helmets and safety vests for cyclists with AXA Prévention in France, blood donation drives in several countries, and first aid training workshops with the Red Cross and its subsidiaries worldwide. In total, several thousand events took place over a few days, including 1,052 activities designed to support local associations.

  • For our partners

    Ready for adventure?

    See topic : Ready for adventure?

    Ready for adventure?

    AXA has launched a new contest* for students and young graduates. Great Global Adventure gives online players the opportunity to travel to AXA sites around the world and complete a series of challenges along the way. With the prospect of a first prize that lives up to the highly original nature of this Group-led initiative.

    The overall winner will be given a once-in-a-lifetime travel and work experience for 12 months, including two 6-week internships in two different AXA locations worldwide, humanitarian project work with one of our CSR partners (e.g., the NGO CARE) and up to 8 months of globe-trotting funded courtesy of AXA.

    For AXA, this contest is a great opportunity to attract students and graduates, and establish long-term relationships with them, to build a strong future for the Group. These young people are ready to live challenging adventures across the globe, share new ideas and invest time in changing society for the better.


    *Through May 31, 2015

  • For our partners

    Analyzing behavior
    behind the wheel

    See topic : Analyzing behavior
    behind the wheel

    Analyzing behavior behind the wheel

    The Data Innovation Lab (DIL) has launched its first online challenge on Kaggle. An Australian startup now based in San Francisco, California, Kaggle is a community of several thousand data scientists in more than one hundred countries, competing with each other to solve complex data science problems. Data science is a discipline that employs techniques and theories drawn from mathematics, statistics, information technology and data visualization.

    The theme for AXA's first venture in this area was driver telematics analysis. The challenge was to create a mathematical model using telematics sensors to identify the quality of a driver's behavior. After a three-month contest during which 1,528 teams competed against each other, three teams of data scientists are to share a $30,000 prize. The contest was also open to AXA employees (without financial reward) and attracted 28 Group teams, of which 2 were in the top 10.

    For AXA, working with Kaggle has been a unique opportunity to position itself as a data science player, speed up the emergence of new solutions and attract the interest of the world's best data scientists.

  • For our partners

    Developing collaborative innovation

    See topic : Developing collaborative innovation

    Developing collaborative innovation

    Start-in, a global program that contributes to our "Skills and Culture of Innovation" digital strategy, aims to accelerate internal innovation and foster intrapreneurship among employees.

    The first edition of Start-In was sponsored by Véronique Weill, Group Chief Operating Officer. It gave all AXA employees – no matter what their field of expertise, country, or grade in the organization – the opportunity to propose ideas to solve key business issues.

    It addressed two themes fully aligned to the Group's digital transformation strategy:

    • Big data: how can AXA use it to help customers reduce their personal risks?
    • Mobile: how can AXA use mobile devices to create new opportunities for customers?

    For five weeks, employees from 153 entities all over the world posted more than 350 ideas on a dedicated platform. The four winning teams took part in a four-day "hackathon" in order to turn their ideas into prototypes. They then demonstrated their prototypes to the Group Management Committee and other employees at the first Innovation Summit held at Group headquarters in Paris.

    Spurred by the success of this program in 2014, AXA is already preparing a second edition for 2015, with brand-new working themes.

  • For our partners

    Bridging the generation gap

    See topic : Bridging the generation gap

    Bridging the generation gap

    AXA has launched a Reverse Mentoring initiative to support employees through its digital transformation. The aim is to improve understanding of customers' digital needs, create a system to help older employees improve their use of digital tools, bridge the generation gap to get the young and less young to work together in a digital environment, and encourage younger employees who already master new technologies to build a special relationship with an older colleague..

    To do this, AXA is reversing the roles, with the younger employee mentoring their more experienced colleague. The pairs meet one or twice a month at workshops to help the older employees develop their digital knowledge and adopt a digital focus to their work.

    Five learning modules including more than 300 activities have been designed to help the young mentors prepare for the working sessions. One and half days of intensive training are needed to be ready on the day. The concept of trust is at the heart of this approach. Everything that takes place during the workshops is strictly confidential. Senior colleagues can ask any questions they wish without being judged.

    Five entities and 140 employees kicked off the program in 2014. Twenty-eight of the Group's entities have pledged to take up the mantle in 2015.

  • For our partners

    Fostering equality
    in the workplace

    See topic : Fostering equality
    in the workplace

    Fostering equality in the workplace

    AXA supports its employees with a broad range of programs aimed at promoting equal opportunity and personal fulfillment for all in the workplace.

    As proof of this commitment, AXA US was well placed in the rankings produced by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, where for the second consecutive year, it obtained the top score of 100%. In 2014, AXA also became a member of the Business and Disability Network sponsored by the International Labor Organization. This gave the Group the opportunity to receive feedback and learn about best practices from other organizations regarding disability employment.

  • For society

    CARE appeal in response
    to the Ebola crisis

    See topic : CARE appeal in response
    to the Ebola crisis

    CARE appeal in response to the Ebola crisis

    The Ebola epidemic in West Africa killed almost 8,000 people in 2014 according to the WHO. To confront this serious crisis, the international humanitarian organization CARE, AXA's NGO partner, has taken a series of preventive actions this year, including supplying the materials and equipment needed to prevent infection, an awareness campaign about transmission of the virus and hygiene precautions, and combating discrimination against sufferers.

    As part of the program, AXA launched an international appeal for donations to support CARE in its efforts to limit the spread of the epidemic in Liberia and Sierra Leone. The Group pledged to match all donations made by AXA employees on a one-for-one basis to help fund preventive actions. In the end, AXA and its employees raised a total of €105,000 for CARE.


  • For society

    Nobel prize winner supported by the AXA Research Fund

    See topic : Nobel prize winner supported by the AXA Research Fund

    Nobel prize winner supported by the AXA Research Fund

    French economist Jean Tirole, Chairman of the Toulouse School of Economics, was awarded the 2014 Nobel Prize for Economics for his work on market regulation.

    AXA is proud to support independent academic research with top-flight world institutes and researchers such as the Toulouse School of Economics, which received a €3 million endowment in 2008 in the context of the creation of the AXA Chair on Economics and Finance.

    Tirole and his team have been a driving force in the public debate on competition policy, financial regulation and environmental policies, with an impressive number of publications in collaboration with political figures, corporations and public institutions. Tirole has been influential in the theoretical and practical application of game theory and information theory. His research interests include finance, economics, macroeconomics, international finance and psychology.

  • For society

    New projects funded by
    the AXA Research Fund

    See topic : New projects funded by
    the AXA Research Fund

    New projects funded by the AXA Research Fund

    Since its launch in 2007, the AXA Research Fund, our international scientific philanthropy initiative, has provided €131 million of financial support to 449 fundamental research programs on risk in 230 academic institutes across 32 countries. All of the programs involve environmental, socio-economic and life risks.

    In 2014, the AXA Research Fund allocated €14 million for 44 new research projects in 15 countries. These projects explore the issues challenging today's society, such as virus transmission, predicting flood risk, improving healthcare systems, cancer, and urban sustainability, among others.

    Research projects are selected through a strict process supervised by a Scientific Board composed of respected academics and AXA experts. To date, the Fund has reviewed almost 4,200 projects from more than 1,200 research institutes in 60 countries.


  • For society

    Innovating to support longer living

    See topic : Innovating to support longer living

    Innovating to support longer living

    AXA has joined forces with Impact Hub and Swiss Re to create the Impact Hub Fellowship, a program that supports and funds a number of innovative projects.

    There were five winners in 2014:

    • ULife (Italy), a website selling holiday packages for the elderly.
    • VIS (Very Important Senior / Italy), a mobile app that puts student volunteers into contact with elderly people who need help.
    • SpeakSet (Reducing isolation for older people / UK) which turns an elderly person's TV set into an easy-to-use video communications system, with a clear interface and a very simple remote control, so that they can easily contact someone in case of need.
    • Adultos Mayores Anfitriones – AMA (Mexico) a program that trains seniors to organize and conduct tours specially tailored to the needs of older people.
    • Construyendo Oasis (Building Oasis, Spain) which helps newly retired people adapt to this new phase of their lives by providing cultural activities based on the "oasis" methodology.


  • For society

    Helping to find solutions
    that change the world

    See topic : Helping to find solutions
    that change the world

    Helping to find solutions that change the world

    AXA took part in the 2014 Impact Journalism Day, an initiative that promotes positive, innovative solutions to make the world a better place. From September 20 to 22, forty newspapers took part in the second edition of this event, sponsored and run by Sparknews. These forty newspapers have a combined readership of 100 million.

    The newspapers published an average eight-page supplement dedicated to concrete solutions that can change the world. They included, among others, Le Monde (France), The Sunday Times (UK), Asahi Shimbun (Japan), China Daily (China), La Nacion (Argentina), City Press (South Africa), Al Hayat (Saudi Arabia), La Presse (Canada) and the Straits Times (Singapore).

    Impact Journalism Day promotes the contribution that journalism can make when it presents concrete solutions to specific problems, and provides ideas for action. The topics addressed are crucial issues such as the environment, health, education and energy.

  • For society

    Renewal of the partnership with NGO CARE

    See topic : Renewal of the partnership with NGO CARE

    Renewal of the partnership with NGO CARE

    AXA and the international humanitarian NGO CARE have announced the renewal of their partnership, with AXA providing €2.3 million of funding over the next three years.

    AXA and CARE are strengthening their partnership to build on the long-term impact of their existing programs to help vulnerable communities better prepare for environmental risks.

    AXA and CARE work together in two areas:

    • Projects for adapting to climate change, thanks to "Where the Rain Falls," an international research program in India and Thailand, which is designed to create sustainable, resilient solutions to the impacts of climate change.
    • Programs to reduce the risk of natural disasters. Programs already underway in Benin, Indonesia and Vietnam are being continued and extended to El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru.



  • For society

    Stimulating growth in emerging countries
    thanks to insurance

    See topic : Stimulating growth in emerging countries
    thanks to insurance

    Stimulating growth in emerging countries thanks to insurance

    AXA has forged a global partnership with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), member of the World Bank and biggest development aid institution for the private sector, to accelerate the spread of insurance in emerging countries, and particularly Africa, Asia and Latin America. This unique global partnership aims to protect communities in these countries more effectively and encourage their economic growth through a wider spread of insurance. The insurance industry plays a crucial role in developing innovation, the private sector and the economy.

    Five key objectives were set: investing in local insurance companies, better protecting women, improving road safety, funding infrastructure and developing socially responsible investment and insurance.

    The partnership is therefore encouraging the insurance industry to expand its role – prevent, protect, repair – in emerging countries through better risk coverage, long-term investment and prevention campaigns.

  • For society

    Committed to youth employment

    See topic : Committed to youth employment

    Committed to youth employment

    Initiated by Nestlé, "Alliance for Youth" brings together Europe's largest private-sector companies to fight youth unemployment in Europe.

    As a member of Alliance for Youth, the AXA Group has pledged to provide at least 20,000 young people with work experience in its various European entities, through 10,000 job opportunities and 10,000 apprenticeships or internships from 2014 to 2018. To help young Europeans gain a better understanding of the business world, AXA companies will also offer coaching and workshops to develop critical skills such as preparing a CV and preparing for interviews, and will encourage youth mobility among all the Alliance member companies.

  • For society

    Promoting responsible investment

    See topic : Promoting responsible investment

    Promoting responsible investment

    AXA ratified the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment in 2012, firmly embedding environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria in its investment strategy and processes. AXA has launched several initiatives in responsible investment, including the AXA Impact Investment Fund, which provides capital for projects with a strong social impact while offering an attractive return. This €200 million fund is designed to support organizations that demonstrate and measure their positive social impact.

    "Leapfrog," which is one of the Fund's priority investment targets, invests in high-growth businesses in Africa and Asia. By providing the capital they need to grow, Leapfrog enables them to better serve underprivileged communities in certain emerging countries, mainly through microinsurance. Its portfolio now reaches more than 22 million people and its original investment strategy is supported by some of the world's biggest institutional investors.

    For Denis Duverne, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of AXA, "The Group's mission is to protect consumers the world over, and particularly in emerging countries, where growth will shape the financial services industry over the next few decades. We are proud to support Leapfrog, a pioneer in this industry, which shares the same objective."

real-life stories

being supported during difficult times to keep my company in business and my employees in jobs

Ivan Alonso runs the Antonio Alonso canning company, founded by his family in 1873 and better known in Galicia as the “Palacio de Oriente.” Sadly, in August 2012, fire damage forced him to shut down one of his plants. Thanks to his insurance coverage, coupled with the support and expertise of dedicated people, the plant was completely rebuilt and re-equipped with efficient new technology.

AXA helps companies get back into business quickly after an incident
  • Purificación Madera Redondo
    Purificación Madera Redondohotline operator

    On the phone, contact with the customer must be quick, simple and efficient. I have to deal with all sorts of questions about invoices, policy extensions, reporting claims, making appointments with an adviser, and so on. If needed, I also guide customers through the administrative procedures – and always with a smile.

  • Raúl Vallejo
    Raúl Vallejobusiness adviser

    Being close to my customers and understanding their business and their needs is vital for me to advise them and guide them towards the solution that suits them best. And if a problem does arise, I know my customer well enough to initiate the actions that will help the company get back into business as quickly as possible.

  • Marian de Jose
    Marian de Josehead of major claims and technical excellence

    For a business, a major incident can lead to a plant being closed down and its employees laid off. My teams and I take preventive action upstream by incorporating the risks specific to each business activity. And, when there is a major claim, we have developed quick, personalized compensation procedures.

  • Dominica Adam
    Dominica Adamproduct development manager

    I work in the Group’s Property & Casualty division on developing targeted insurance solutions, particularly for cyber risk and international programs that meet the needs of small and mid-sized businesses. That means working closely with our colleagues in marketing and operational excellence, as well as the business units. We are currently co-developing ten concrete marketing solutions to provide better support for these small and mid-sized customers in the business units, especially in Spain, France, Germany, Britain, Belgium and Switzerland.

taking care of my health so that I can look after my grandson for as long as possible

Angel Lau is a young grandmother living in Hong Kong’s New Territories. She looks after her health because she wants to see her grandchildren grow up and also help her own children. She prefers to consult a private doctor rather than use the public health system, but it is more expensive. She has therefore taken out private health insurance so that she can benefit from the best care.

in Hong Kong, AXA supports its customers by providing them with the best possible access to the healthcare system
  • Li Mei Chung
    Li Mei Chungcustomer adviser

    The key thing in my job is the ability to listen to people. My customers have very different needs so it is important to identify each person’s specific needs so that we can propose the right solution.

  • Victor Wong
    Victor Wongemergency assistance coordinator

    When customers need emergency medical assistance, my role is to make sure they get the right care: for example, guiding them towards the right specialist or making a specialized vehicle available. Teamwork, commitment, empathy and the ability to listen are all key in my role.

  • Eugene Kevin Poon
    Eugene Kevin Poonregional head, IT finance

    Customer files must always be readily accessible and protected, whether online or with an adviser. My job is to make sure that our information systems work properly and that information about our customers is kept confidential.

being able to look forward to our retirement as the start of a new fulfilling life

Mary McAveney and David Briggs are looking forward to their retirement. They are both in their early fifties and are already preparing for a future in which they will be free to enjoy life to the full, travel and do the things they always wanted to do. To make the most of this, they need financial advice and personalized support, so that the future will indeed be bright.

in the United States, AXA provides investment solutions to replace the loss of income on retirement
  • Krista Manzoeillo
    Krista Manzoeillocustomer relationship management

    I am in direct contact with customers. I give orders to sell or buy new investments on their behalf, tell them all about the benefits and make sure that each stage of the process runs smoothly. It is a fascinating job, because our customers entrust us with their money to protect their future.

  • Donna Gallo
    Donna Gallodirector of financial planning

    My job is a bit technical. It involves consolidating and verifying investment assumptions and strategies. I prepare long-term plans and work with the various fund managers. I maintain a proactive relationship with all financial operators.

  • Kathleen Ward
    Kathleen Wardbusiness development manager

    I look after new customers. I propose the investment solutions that best suit their needs and I am responsible for drawing up the contracts and explaining all the terms and conditions to them.

  • Thomas Mingone
    Thomas Mingonefinancial professional

    I am an asset manager. My job is to plan investment strategies to achieve performance and security. My role is to advise and support our customers as best I can by providing them with solutions for investing a capital sum so that they can look forward to their retirement with peace of mind.

providing for my family by developing my gardening store

Pak Suhri, age 45, is married with two children and lives in Jakarta. He owns a gardening store and has used microcredit and microinsurance for himself and his family. After some difficult years, Suhri now knows that his family is better protected and that, together, they can look to the future with enthusiasm and optimism.

AXA is developing microinsurance products to encourage the emergence of a stronger middle class
  • François Forge
    François Forgehead of emerging consumers, Asia

    I work closely with the managers of entities in India, Thailand, the Philippines and Indonesia. My job is to identify, with them, the best business models for developing insurance products for the new middle classes in these emerging-market countries. It involves looking for global partnerships, devising innovative distribution models, and developing the full range of technical, digital and IT resources that will be needed to develop products for this promising segment of the population.

  • Asmansjah Santoso
    Asmansjah Santosohead of development

    My main task is to liaise with Bank Mandiri, which is our partner handling the distribution of all our insurance products in Indonesia, including microinsurance. Bank Mandiri’s very strong local network means that we can give customers better access to insurance, and we also benefit from Bank Mandiri’s knowledge of local lifestyles.

  • Reza Akhmad
    Reza Akhmadhead of microinsurance/microcredit, Indonesia, AXA Mandiri

    As the head of the business, I am responsible for developing microinsurance/microcredit products in Indonesia. That requires not only in-depth knowledge of the financial capacity of our target audiences and their lifestyles, but also a new business model tailored to this kind of product. Microinsurance is highly specific: it relies on a large number of small premiums, a simplified and reduced cost of management, and alternative distribution networks.

  • Lia Muliani
    Lia Mulianiproduct developer

    Microinsurance products are different. They are aimed at a segment of the population that has no access to traditional insurance. My role is to carry out research on the ground to identify needs, financial capacity and cultural practices. Then, I design and develop products that genuinely address these needs and will enable customers to grow their businesses.

managing my vehicle fleet effectively while limiting risks and moving towards clean energy

The city of Zurich has a fleet of some 2,500 vehicles including 175 electric vehicles, which are used by the 30,000 employees in the canton’s public sector. André Wipf is the general manager of the vehicle fleet. The vehicles and drivers are insured, but André is well aware that in order to minimize the risks, he first needs to identify and analyze them. So since 2013, the fleet insurance has been backed up by services focusing on prevention.

in Switzerland, AXA supports the development of electric vehicles and rolls out its “Driving at work” prevention program
  • Christoph Olbrecht
    Christoph Olbrechthead of claims team

    I head up a team and manage a portfolio of major account clients. Our role is to settle claims and handle complaints. We attempt to find solutions swiftly so that our business customers are inconvenienced for as short a time as possible.

  • Bettina Zahnd-Sinzig
    Bettina Zahnd-Sinzighead of road safety and prevention

    As an insurer, we have a key role to play in prevention. My team and I conduct awareness and prevention campaigns throughout Switzerland. We take specific actions for our business customers, including highway code and driving refresher courses.

  • Lars Hagenbucher
    Lars Hagenbuchermajor accounts manager

    As manager of a portfolio of corporate customers, I am responsible for the business relationship. I must understand and be aware of their specific needs in order to propose customized solutions and set up the teams that will look after the relationship on a day-to-day basis.

being supported through difficult times to confront and overcome life’s hardships

In 2016, Frédéric Sausset will race in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Yet four years ago, he had both forearms and both lower legs amputated after catching a virulent bacterial infection during a do-it-yourself (DIY) home improvement accident. Frédéric and his family were immediately taken care of and given financial, material and psychological support by AXA’s teams, who helped the whole family to learn how to live again and Frédéric to recapture his dreams.

AXA provides long-term personalized support for victims of life’s accidents
  • Emmanuel Rolland
    Emmanuel Rollandwealth management relationship manager

    My job is to organize, manage, grow and diversify the assets of private clients. To do that, it is vital to build a long-term relationship founded on trust, openness and understanding of needs. Protection coverage can provide customers with an annuity to make up for the loss of income caused by major disability following an accident.

  • Isabelle Parillaud
    Isabelle Parillaudexpert in major claims settlements

    I work in a team dedicated to compensating victims of serious injuries due to accident. Because a serious injury has a devastating effect on the life of the victim and his or her family, I set up support measures through the Albatros mechanism to meet the needs I have identified after going out to meet the victim. These measures can include psychological support, adapting the home, help in getting back to work, educational support, domestic help and, more broadly, anything that will help victims to regain a degree of autonomy.

  • Stéphane Chéné
    Stéphane Chénégeneral agent

    I am both a business owner and a general agent selling AXA products. For me, the general agents are the human face of the insurance business. Together with my team, our main role is to advise customers after a full analysis of their risks and financial needs, to follow their personal and professional development to make sure that they always have the right insurance and financial products, and to support them throughout, from signing the contract right through to paying out in the event of a claim.


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